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Transferring a mobile app subscription

Unfortunately, Google and Apple's payment systems aren’t cross-compatible, so there is no way for us to transfer your subscription.

Moving from Android to iOS app

The only solution in this scenario is to cancel and refund your Android subscription and then re-subscribe on iOS.

If you provide us with the email address associated with your Google Play account, we'll cancel your subscription and issue a refund.

Moving from iOS to Android app

The only solution in this scenario is to:
Cancel your iOS subscription
Request a refund from Apple
Re-subscribe using the Android app

We can’t cancel you subscription or refund you directly, as we get no access to you as a customer (Apple controls all that data). However, you can cancel your subscription and then request a refund from Apple (from experience typically issue the refund within a few days, no questions asked).

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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