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What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition is a learning method where you review information at gradually increasing intervals.

Our quiz platform has a spaced repetition feature. This tracks the questions you answer, and whether you answered correctly or incorrectly. Questions you've previously answered will go into your spaced repetition pool, and you can work through them again.

Reviewing your previously answered questions

You can review your previously answered questions via the spaced repetition launchpad:

The platform will tell you whether you answered the question correctly or incorretly last time.

Turning off spaced repetition

When you start a quiz, we allow you to turn off tracking for spaced repetition if you don't want the questions you answer to affect your spaced repetition pool.

You might want to turn off spaced repetition tracking if you are answering questions as a group using your account, or if somebody else is answering questions using your account.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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