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An overview of our products

This page lists our premium products, which are all available to purchase individually. You may also be interested in our product bundles, which allow you to purchase multiple products at a significant discount. You can take a look at our bundles here.

OSCE Stations 🩺

1300+ ready-made OSCE stations, including comprehensive mark schemes. Categories include:

Clinical examination
History taking
Counselling and information giving
Data interpretation
Long cases

Purchase OSCE Stations

Mobile OSCE Guides (iOS & Android) 📱

200+ OSCE guides and 150+ examiner checklists, available offline in our iOS and Android apps.

Each guide provides a step-by-step approach to the relevant clinical skills.

Purchase our mobile OSCE guides by downloading the Geeky Medics app and following the instructions in app. Access to our mobile app guides is included with some of our bundles.

OSCE Revision Book 📚

High-quality printed book containing over 50 clinical examination guides, including photographs of key examination steps and clinical findings.

Purchase The Geeky Medics OSCE Revision Book (Currently shipping to the UK, Australia & New Zealand)

PDF OSCE Checklists 📝

150+ PDF OSCE Checklists covering clinical examination, clinical procedures and communication skills.

Purchase PDF OSCE Checklists (digital download)

Premium Flashcard Packs 🧠

Our premium flashcard packs are available to purchase individually:

OSCE flashcard collection
Medicine flashcard collection
Surgery flashcard collection
Anatomy flashcard collection

UK Medical Licensing Assessment AKT Question Bank 🏥

2,200+ single best answer questions aligned with UK Medical Licensing Assessment topics, plus two mock exams.

Purchase UKMLA Question Pack

Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) Question Bank 💊

500+ prescribing questions developed using official PSA question writing guidelines, and aligned with the PSA curriculum.

Purchase PSA Question Bank

ECG Case Collection 🫀

85+ ECG cases to help you learn how to interpret ECGs using a systematic approach and recognise common ECG abnormalities.

Purchase ECG Case Collection

For GP trainees: MRCGP SCA Case Bank 👩‍⚕️

170+ cases to help you prepare for the simulated consultation assessment (SCA)

Purchase SCA Case Bank

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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