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I can't login after mobile app update

The app has undergone a major update to provide access to our full range of resources including quizzes, flashcards and OSCE stations. These are in addition to our existing offering of OSCE guides.

If you previously only subscribed to our OSCE guides in the app, this didn’t require you to set up an account with us, so that means you’ll need to register for a free account via the register button in the app and then use those new details to log in.

If you’d rather not register, you can continue to access your OSCE guides via the Offline OSCE Guides button on the login page.

If you find that your previously purchased OSCE guides appear locked when you get to them, simply tap on one of the locked guides and then choose the ‘Restore Purchase’ option and it’ll unlock them for you.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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