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How do I access the Virtual Patients (AI patients)?

Virtual patients are available for many of our pre-made OSCE stations. You can interact with the virtual patients to practise your communication and clinical reasoning skills (check out a demo here).

A small collection of virtual patients are available for free, however you will need an OSCE Stations subscription (or bundle containing OSCE stations) to access the majority of our virtual patients.

Finding OSCE stations with virtual patients

Virtual patients are available for many of our OSCE stations, including history taking, long cases, examination and counselling stations. To filter stations which have a virtual patient, use the virtual patient toggle.

Interacting with the virtual patient

To start interacting with the virtual patient, choose the Virtual patient option on the station launchpad. If there is no Virtual patient option, it means the station does not have a virtual patient available.

You'll then be presented with the candidate instructions and the option to enter the station. Once you enter the station, you can interact with the virtual patient using text or your voice.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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