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What are AI credits?

You can upgrade your OSCE station virtual patient experience by purchasing AI credits.

AI credits unlock our advanced AI making your consultations with our virtual patients more realistic. You'll also have access to voices for virtual patients and improved AI examiner feedback

AI credits are used up by interacting with virtual patients.

Purchasing AI credits is optional. You can still interact with our virtual patients without purchasing any AI credits - however, you won't have access to our advanced AI or virtual patient voices.

How many AI credits do I need?

Our current pricing is £5 for 90 credits.

On average, this is enough for around 50 - 70 consultations with our virtual patients although this will depend on the length of the consultation. The longer the consultation, the more credits you will use.

How many AI credits do I have left?

The number of credits you have left is displayed when interacting with an AI patient. It is also shown on the AI credit purchase page.

What happens when I run out of AI credits?

When you run out of AI credits, the AI will switch back to our basic AI. In addition, you will lose the ability to use voices for virtual patients.

You can top up credits here. They will be instantly added to your account.

Do AI credits change the OSCE scenarios?

No, the scenarios remain unchanged. AI credits gives you access to our advanced AI to make your consultations more realistic. However, the scenarios remain unchanged.

Comparison table

Full access to virtual patientsAdvanced AIVirtual patient voices
No AI credits
AI credits

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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